Her story & her hopes for you.

If you’ve come as far as to read this page, I applaud you.

Welcome to a memoir that no one cares about… except well, maybe you.

As you read and dance through life with me, I encourage you to strip down to the bare nakedness that is your soul, to the most primitive and basic parts of your identity. It is in these fleeting moments of complete vulnerability that we find out who we are.

So bask in the moments of uncertainty… for they are true freedom.

We are all beautifully unique, and capable of living lives we are proud of. It is just hard to see through the clouds sometimes.

I, like the rest of you, face the unknown everyday.

But I encourage you to stare off into it, get lost in it, find your happiness in it.

Life is a wild ride. Just buy the ticket. And take the ride.


For those of you wondering about me.. who is she? and why should we care what she has to say? Well I hate to bust your hopeful bubble – but I have no answer.

I am just a normal ass girl, living her best life. And in this day in age, with social media and wannabe influencers… isn’t that concept actually kind of refreshing.?

If I can reach even just one person, to help them understand that that they don’t need the perfect bod, a million dollars, fast cars, a perfect instagram, or even a great love to live an INCREDIBLE life – than I will have done my job.