Happiness. Pt.1


What a fickle thing.

Our definition of happiness grows and morphs.

Over time, new experiences, ups and downs.

Everything we do is a step towards happiness.

And fulfillment.

If we don’t find happiness in what we do…

Why do it?

There is a common misconception about happiness.

That it is the end goal.

Making it rather unattainable.

I will only be happy when…

When I find my soulmate… then I will be happy.

When I lose the weight… then I will be happy.

When I get into that school… then I will be happy.

When I am rich… then I will be happy.

When I land that job… then I will be happy.

When I buy that car…. then I will be happy.

When I finally marry that person… then I will be happy.

Here is the catch.

None of that will truly make you happy.

And here is why.

Sure, you’ll meet your goal. Or achieve that dream.

Happiness WILL ensue…. For about 5 minutes or maybe you’ll get a full day out of it.

But then you’ll set the next goal and dream the next dream.

And then all of the sudden that moment…

That happiness…

POOF, it is gone.

Then just like clockwork.

The same ole’ narrative will repeat itself.

“I will be happy when….”

Think just for a second.

What if maybe, you could be happy now – not when.

What would that do.

We treat happiness like it is unattainable.

When in reality…

Maybe it isn’t.

We are just conditioned to believe we don’t deserve it until (blank)….

Until we find ourselves…

Until we do better, look better…

Until we are in love…

Until we are accepted…

Buzz kill.

This concept is all bullshit.

Happiness is inside of us all right now in this very moment as you read.

Fighting to be heard.

To be understood.

We put our happiness inside of a box.

And we place absurd limitations on it.

Well, let me tell you something.

That happiness… the one you put inside that box, is struggling to breathe.

And I think it’s about time you let it out.

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