2018. The year of “Yes.”

The year of 2018.

I said “I love you” for the first time to the man of my dreams.
I traveled to Hawaii for the first time, where a surprise proposal awaited me.
This year, I said “YES!” to marrying said man of my dreams.
This year I started the long pursuit of planning a wedding.

This year, I moved outward from my comfort zone.
Leaving Oregon and finding myself in Idaho.
Leaving my bestfriends side but never her heart.
This year I made new friends, lost old friends
& maintained the beautiful strong forever friendships.

This year I have felt more happiness than I have ever known.
& more love than I have ever known.
However, I have also felt confusion about my future.
This year I have applied to Nursing schools.
I have felt depression, anxiety and insecurity.
I have loved and hated my body.
I have nurtured my craft and I have ignored it just the same.

Overall it was an exceptional year, I must say.
I am human of course.
But I couldn’t have been more blessed than I was this year.
Good health for myself & my family.
A future husband who loves me with every fiber of his being.
A happy cat.
A roof over my head, food on my plate, shoes on my feet and gas in my tank.

Do I have big plans for 2019?
Hell yea, I do.

I have hopes of getting more comfortable in the driver’s seat of my life.
Living everyday the way I choose.
Choosing happiness.
Choosing healthiness.
Loving my body for what it is and what it is capable of.
Accepting that I will never be perfect.
It would be a damn shame to be perfect.
UNIQUELY me, I will stay.

I hope to pursue my writing with steadfast perseverance.
I will write stories about the mountains I have climbed.
& maybe someday my words will be in another’s survival guide.

So here is to 2018.
May you rest in peace.
May you let go of the past.
Let go of what holds you back.
Let go of the demons from yesterday.
& embrace a new day.
A new year.
365 pages of a new book.
Write a fucking good one folks.

Love, B.

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