Oregon’s 7 Wonders. Pt.1

A memory I hold with me.
As a child we tend to hold onto both good and bad memories. Memories that in a lot of ways helped construct who we are, and maybe that is why we remember.
These memories make an impact.
Whether or not we understand their purpose.
When I was five years old, my parents took my brother and I to Crater Lake.
I can’t remember exactly what spurred the tantrum, but I can assure you something fierce had built up within me, this tiny little human. **Full on meltdown.
I remember climbing over the railing that read “DO NOT PASS,” as my parents are yelling “Brenda Marie, you get back here!”
My old brother probably rolling his eyes, thinking “typical.”
When my dad managed to wrangle me, we had been there maybe 10 minutes.
We went home.

Why do we carry these memories?
Were we meant to learn something?
Maybe we will never know or fully understand this phenomenon.
This moment became a memory for me as a young adult.
At that point, I had a very intense need to redeem myself.
Not so much to my parents, after all I was just a kid and they understood that.
But to myself.
To mother nature.
To the Universe.
I was standing in front of one of Oregon’s 7 Wonders, and I didn’t appreciate it.
Oddly enough that still affects me as an adult.

Crater Lake,
you are magnificent.
Your highest highs are snow capped in the middle of summer.
Your lowest lows are crystal blue and cold as ice.
Wizards Island sits in the middle, a far away uninhabited land.
Back and forth, back and forth, down we go.
I stand before you. About to take the plunge.
One, two, three…
As I hit the water, I lose my breath.
I can feel the water rush over my body.
It runs its icy hands through my hair and over my scalp.
I pop up and take in a big breath.
I feel alive. Redemption.
No tantrums. Just me.
Loving this life.
** written July 17,2017

Life is too short to take experiences like this for granted.
It may seem like a very simple day trip for some.
But to the 50 people from Mumbai who spilled out of a hot sweaty tour bus.
This site was everything. These people traveled over seven thousand miles for this. They stood in complete awe.
I take note.
Crater Lake, even though you are in my back yard, I will always look at you completely wonderstruck.
I promise you this.

Disclaimer: All photography is my own & I reserve the rights to the images.

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