Living with Intention.


It is that time of year again. Where we scream, “NEW YEAR, NEW ME!” And although, I personally believe we do not need a January 1st or a Monday to improve our lives, I will never be one of those people who puts somebody down for having a resolution. I have been hearing it lately from friends, from family, at the gym, on social media, or in memes; jokes about people who make resolutions…. the reality is only about 8% of people actually follow through with their personal resolutions.

Well, I am here to tell you, it doesn’t matter if you succeed or fail! You tried, you planted the seed. In this moment you have high hopes to improve upon yourself, whether or not there is ANY follow through, you are living with intention.

Their is rarely follow through.
But, that is okay.
What’s wrong with the hope and dream of improvement.
We all want perfection.
Perfection is boring.
That is no longer my goal. It is not attainable.
Live everyday with intent.
To be better than the day before.
To be kind.
To hold yourself responsible for the energy that surrounds you.
To remove toxins; break habits, addictions.
I have resolutions to be healthy and to find my niche in life.
The things that make me happy.
To nurture the people who are positive influences.
To begin to close doors on those who use or abuse my love.
Sometimes you close those doors because they no longer lead anywhere.
This in turn leaves space for new doors, new path ways, and new people.
This is my life.
I will be in control of it.
I will declare resolutions for for the New Year.
And it is NOT redundant.
Never let anybody make you feel bad about living with intention.
Sometime it’s all we have.
** written December 16,2014

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