The Last Frontier

“Happiness, only real when shared.” – Alexander Supertramp (Into The Wild)

Valdez, Alaska

The air here, it smells different.
As I breathe it in, being revived by the scent of Aspen, I feel nostalgic.
Of a place I once called home.
A place that taught me to crave mother earth in all her glory.
To appreciate the land I walk on and the bounty that it offers.
The sound of a rushing river, the trickle of a creek, the silent lap of a lake shore, or the crashing of waves in the ocean. All sounds that take me back to this place, reminding me to care for and respect the earths water, for she is wild and free. Much like I hope to remain.
As we drive, I ponder at the map. Realizing that in my 12 day trip, I will barely graze the surface of this great state. I could never, you could never, even begin to touch all of its corners.
It is a place where animals, not people, still widely rule.
It is a place where many men have died trying to beat its elements.
I take it all in.
The snow capped mountains, the vast tundra, and more shoreline than any other US state combined..
The wind whistles as the boat takes off from the docks.
Pretty soon there is nothing but water in every direction. No land in sight.
I feel small here.
In this moment, mother nature puts on the most brilliant show.
A pod of killer whales danced around the boat.
As bald and golden eagles fly over head.
Its a site that can make even the coldest of hearts, ache with appreciation.
Pieces of glacier crack and fall to the water, the sound it makes…
like thunder ringing in my ears.
I see my dad.
“The hero of my heart and the love of my life.”
Look out over these waters, with tear filled eyes.. this is his home.
This is his state, this is one of the many loves of his life.
This IS Alaska.
** written June 21, 2015

My back Story:
Growing up was a journey, as it is for most. We all have a story and it becomes the blueprint for who we will become. I moved around a lot as a child, going to a different school almost every year, Kindergarten through 8th grade.. However, I was lucky enough to start and graduate at the same high school, where I planted my roots and truly became a Oregon girl.

Before moving out to Oregon, I spent a few years in Alaska.
This place taught me what it meant to love the earth.
To feel mother natures presence all around me.
To soak in her light and appreciate her offspring.
I returned to Alaska in 2015 for the first time since moving away.
This was the moment as an adult that I caught the everlasting travel bug.

MY motto: “Buy the ticket take the ride.”
After this experience I realized that my ducks may never be perfectly in a row to travel. But, I couldn’t let that stop me anymore. Things have a way of falling into place, the first and most vulnerable step is buying the ticket. Take a deep breath and click that confirm purchase button. It’s worth it. “Travel while you’re young and able. Don’t worry about the money, just make it work. Experience is far more valuable than money will ever be.”
**In the future I will write a post on how to cost effectively travel.

Disclaimer: All photography is my own & I reserve the rights to the images.

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